5 interesting games to have in the office to improve employee engagement

When we hear about working in offices, we think it is all about working and working. Yes, it is all about working if we ignore the international standards of ISO45003 and it will cause different problems occurring on your way to improving employees’ engagement.

It is necessary to boost the energy of employees when they are at work and let them enjoy a day without work and celebrate some different days to bring relaxation to their minds. You need to look into the employees wellbeing and design some strategies for improving employee engagement.

5 interesting games to have in the office to improve employee engagement

You can do different things for improving employee engagement like organizing some sports days, some entertaining activities, or playing some interesting indoor games. Are you looking for a list of interesting indoor games for the offices to promote the employees wellbeing?  Following are some interesting games that you can play in your office and get maximum growth for your company.

1.      Flash mobs and surprise dances

The most interesting game we have been playing since our childhood, flash mobs and surprise dances can refresh the office environment. The manager of the office can bring different departments closer by bringing creating groups such as dancing troupes.

 A person plays a surprising song that other team members have to choreograph and dance to at the same moment. This way, the employee will observe healthy competition and learn to play fairly, and observe win-win habits. It helps the management to eradicate the conflicts among different departments of the office and enjoy a healthy environment.

2.      Sports match day

You can also arrange a sports day for your employees that can be an outdoor game or indoor game. These days, the employees feel fresh as they come to know that the company is investing in them for bringing relaxation, and physical and mental relief. Sports match day can observe different games like football, volleyball, hockey, cricket, or badminton.

3.      Marshmallow challenge

Another game that can help to boost the energy of your employees at work is the marshmallow challenge. Marshmallow challenges are best for improving employee engagement. Through this game, you can develop team collaboration and promote teamwork at home instead of working individually. In this game, the teams of employees get sticks of spaghetti and arrange them to make the large sticks. The team with the largest spaghetti sticks will be the winner and the other team will learn from the success of the winners.

4.      Hangman

Hangman is also a game for improving employee management is the hangman. This game is best for the employees to get to know one another. If the employees working together in an office do not find time to even talk, it becomes difficult for them to work in coordination. So, this game brings them closer and helps you to do employee engagement according to international standards of ISO45003.

5.      Charades

Charades is the best game for improving employee engagement at the office level. Games are best for promoting employees wellbeing and bringing them to get emotionally attached to each other. Different departments of an office make their teams and each team is looking for one person from the opposite team to come to them. The chosen participant goes to another team and gets the name of a movie. He tries to make his team understand the name of that movie by putting gestures on his face and hands.


The international standards of ISO45003 for employee engagement and employee wellbeing are working on a different aspect and the above games are one of these plans.